November 01, 2019

Starsteaders 0.1.3 is out!

Starsteaders 0.1.3 is out! This update comes with a big graphical update and our first real game mechanic, which is the need to refill your oxygen at naturally occurring gas vents you'll find around the planet. If you run out, you'll pass out and wake up back on your starship. Maybe the intergalactic patrol rescued you?

Starsteaders v0.1.3

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Full patch notes:

  • Tweaks to the procedural terrain generation on both planets
  • New terrain tiles
  • Tweaked many visual effects to add a bit of visual interest (antialiasing, shadows, fog, ambient occlusion, lighting...)
  • Shoreline foam animation on water
  • New oxygen mechanic with display copied from Subnautica (for now)
  • Spawn oxygen vents around planets where you can refill your oxygen (just stand near a vent to get a refill)
  • Send you back to your starship when you run out of oxygen
  • The player now always starts on their starship (instead of the last planet they were on)
  • Tweaks to movement prediction logic (nothing visible has changed here)
  • Reset camera rotation when you go to a new place
  • Camera zoom is now fixed
  • Fixed a problem where lighting would get really flickery when you walked too far away from the origin
  • Fixed a problem where objects were sunk into the ground a little bit