October 17, 2019

Starsteaders 0.1.2 is out!

Starsteaders 0.1.2 is out! This update gives you a starship (just one room for now but in the future you'll be able to expand and build on it). You can also jump back and forth between two planets, Porl and Yarla. Both are pretty similar except Yarla is way bigger - it takes like 10 minutes to run around it.

Give it a try and send me feedback! BTW - daily progress updates and game dev chat in Discord!

Full patch notes:

  • Lots of behind-the-scenes work to make starships possible (until now, only large wrap-around planets were possible in the backend)
  • Generate a starship (with one square room) for you when you make an avatar.
  • Made it possible to have multiple planets and added two (Porl and Yarla).
  • Bumped shadow distance so you can always see shadows despite zoom level.
  • Lighting no longer flickers after walking long distances.